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23st October 2018

Thank you Mistress for wonderful memories of sessions and just getting to know you. I've just been recalling how totally amazing and beautifully sadistic you were with me when we had a testicle-trampling session! Thank you and good luck with everything xx   -skweezme
21st September 2018

I have just returned from my first session with Mistress Lucinda. It was in fact my first ever session at all, as I gave in to years long hidden desires to serve a Mistress. I often looked at pictures of sessions and wished it was me and now it was! Mistress Lucinda greeted me looking stunning in her black leather dress and heels. She put me well at ease with a chat about my likes, maybes and any definitely nots. I was soon strapped to her cross for my first experience of tease and torture to my cock, balls and nipples after which I spent time down in my place learning to worship her feet and shoes.
It was while strapped to her bench I had my first "maybe" pushed. I was blindfolded before feeling a fantastic sensation in my cock. After a minute or two she removed my blindfold to reveal a vibrating sound sliding gently in and out of my cock. Having seen pictures of this it was something I would never have thought I could take but there I was taking it just wanting more. I feel I may have more surprise likes in the future!
A really amazing session from an excellent Mistress that has made me thirsty for more and wondering why I didn't give in years ago. I will be back soon. Thank you Mistress.   -Richard
2nd June 2018

On Wednesday last I spent three hours in a session. First i was cross dressed in stockings and suspenders. Next i had cbt, my balls were stretched whilst in suspension harness, something i had not experienced before but it was most enjoyable and i will definitely want to repeat. Next for me was the highlight of the session, a session of dilation, again something i so enjoyed and will definitely want to repeat, can't wait till next time . Anyone thinking of visiting please do so, you will not regret it...   -Terry
22nd March 2018

I hadn't been to see the Mistress for over eight years and I have to say that she was still as stunning as ever. I am also grateful that she was willing to give up an hour of Mother's Day to accommodate me. I had a brilliant session with her and I will not wait so long before I see her again.   -Michael
14th March 2018

I had my first visit to Mistress Lucinda and any mistress at all. I was understandably nervous and didn't really know where to put myself or anything. Mistress Lucinda offered me a drink and we sat and chatted about how the session was going to be. She asked me so many questions and really understood what i was looking for. I was performing etiquette as a maid. I bought my own maid dress which i really regretted because its super poofy and very hot to wear. I was dressed, a little make up and examined. Her keen eye left no room for error :) Her knowledge of etiquette is second to none. When i didn't do too well i was strapped to her cross, caned 6 times, she could tell when I'd hit my limit. I was also taught to use my prostate, it was an incredible experience and i would highly recommend anyone thinking about it to take the plunge! But please do not mistake her kindness for weakness!! Xx   -Sophie Evans
22nd January 2018

I have visited Mistress Lucinda on a number of occasions for spankings. On each occasion at my request, she had pushed me further than I have been taken before, getting closer to being taken over the top. When I visited her in November it became clear that I needed more than a spanking to reach that point. Mistress led me to her bench and restrained me, I was given a taste of three paddles, a strap a tawse and the cane. After another sound spanking using the three paddles and a few minutes discussion, Mistress put it to me that if I wanted to be taken to that point of submission she would cane me until I reached that point of complete release. I once again bent over her bench and Mistress restrained me. The caning began and continued until I reached my point of total capitulation and could no longer hold back. It hurt, but was so worth it. I felt positively euphoric during the following days, and thrilled after years of frustration. What an amazing woman! I came away with a very sore and well striped bottom but was oh so happy. It will not be long before I return.   -Danny
13th January 2018

I am a relative newbee having had some experience with a very mature Mistress. I needed more and found Mistress Lucinda. I have been to see her several times to be soundly spanked, and three times over recent months. Each time she pushed me a little harder, understanding my need to be pushed to my limit - I confessed to my need to be spanked to tears! On the second of my recent visits, despite the longest and hardest spanking I had ever received I was still resisting. Mistress made clear that spanking over her knee was not sufficient and that I needed to be caned. She told me she "needed to take control and would cane me until I gave in! The choice was mine." I was told to get up and to bend over her punishment bench. With some nervousness I did and was strapped in place. Mistress Lucinda then asked if I would like it quickly or slowly? I had only ever been teased with the cane so had no real idea. I asked for it quickly. Then it began. A flurry of stinging strokes took my breath away. Barely able to recover another series stinging strokes of her cane whistled across my bottom. This was like nothing I had ever experienced in my life! Within seconds and seconds the cane brought more and more unbelievable pain to my bottom. There was a pause, and Mistress Lucinda checked to see how I was doing. There were no tears, I was still resisting.

Mistress then resumed her place and began to re-apply the cane swiftly and hard. The unrelenting few minutes of pain was just more than I could bear and my pleading and sobbing began! At last I had been given what I needed. At last I could let it go - or perhaps understand and accept what I really need and embrace it.   -Richard
24th October 2017

I have literally just been to medical fetish heaven!! For as long as I care to remember I have been obsessed with medical scenarios, the thought of being subject to various procedures at the hands of dominant women dressed in authentic medical attire has driven me crazy for so long!! I have visited many different dommes over the years, with varying degrees of satisfaction, but I'm sad to say most do just not understand the desires of a true medical fetishist, it is more often than not just standard bdsm on a medical couch, with the mistress dressed in a latex nurse outfit (just the job for some I'm sure). But finally, at long last, I've found the answer!! The wonderful Mistress Lucinda, ably assisted by the frankly gorgeous mistress Sophia, made my dreams come true!! I knew from the start it was going to be special when mistress greeted me at the door in surgical scrubs and Sophia in a authentic nurses uniform, straight away easing any anxieties I may have had that this was going to be another false dawn. And when it was time to undergo my treatment in the marvellous medical room, I was greeted by both ladies wearing the full surgeon outfits (scrubs, caps, masks etc) I had asked for! I won't go into the specifics of the session, but I promise, if you have a penchant for realistic medical scenarios, this is the place for you. And to be able to book a double domme session with Sophia really adds to the authenticity of the scenario. Thank you mistresses Lucinda and Sophia, I will definitely be back for more soon, i would go back right now if I could, and I only left 2 hours ago!!!   -Nigel
23rd August 2017

I have just had a session with Mistress Lucinda and Mistress Sophia. I can strongly recommend this pair together, if you're interested look no further. The rapport they have is out of this world when they work together. Had a nice chat before session which put me at ease as I was very nervous. Then the session began, it was only school room role play in the Headmistress study. Punishment was so very real and she knew when to stop and start again. Very big thank you to you Mistress Lucinda and a big well done and for finding Mistress Sophia who was the real star of the show as she played my victim, for this she should have an Oscar for play acting as she was first class in every way, so life like in every detail and so convincing. She also gave me a few strokes of the cane. So very big well done to you also Mistress Sophia and a very big thank you. I am so looking forward to my next visit with you both, you're joined at the hip, you both think alike and are both first class.   -Regards, Bryan
10th August 2017

Humble apologies for another late testimonial, Mistress, but many, many thanks for the ramp that You had constructed that enabled me to gain access to Your dungeon in my wheelchair. Thank You Mistress! Mistress looked stunning in Her new leather catsuit and fashioned a teasing, sensual session that included flogging, nipple play and teasing torture on my nipples, cock and balls as she smoked a Romeo y Julieta cigar, applying heat without seriously burning my skin. I can definitely take much more, Mistress, and long to push my boundaries further under Your expert tutelage. There was a great deal of banter and sensual teasing as She graciously showed me Her new piercing-so near yet so far as i strained against Her restraints! Thank You Mistress for a wonderful session. I am really looking forward to continuing my training.   -slave antony
8th August 2017

I had a meeting with Mistress Lucinda this morning after rediscovering her after a 7 year absence. A wonderful experience and a lady i would strongly recommend to anyone interested in this scene. Mistress Lucinda, despite her formidable but beautiful appearance, is also a good listener and totally respects your limits after chatting before the session. And carries out her sessions in a no-rushed manner. Any novices who are wanting to dip their toe into this scene for the first time should look no further than to visit this lady. As indicated earlier, she will put you at ease and respect your boundaries. I write this testimonial 2 and a half hours after our meeting finished. My bum still has a wonderful warm feeling. Don't miss out. WELL RECOMMENDED.   -Stewart aka kate
7th April 2017

I was fortunate to enjoy a session with Mistress Lucinda- my humble apologies for this late and very overdue testimonial. I have MS and now use a wheelchair and it was getting depressingly tedious not being able to access playrooms to session. It was refreshing to see that Mistress Lucinda was an exception to the general rule and, with a little bit of improvisation, I was able to gain access to Her dungeon. Bravo!
Mistress looked stunning in Her latex catsuit and stiletto heeled thigh boots. She smoked a Romeo y Julietta cigar as She contemplated my punishment before the session started and Her quiet, well modulated voice left me in no doubt that She was in charge. Indeed, my inane mutterings displeased Her as the session started and She flogged me very hard with 2 well aimed strokes that left me in no doubt that She was in complete control. Mistress administered a sound flogging and then moved onto electrics that sparked and crackled on my nipples and cock. Mmmmmm, divine! I hope that I can continue my slave training with Mistress Lucinda very soon, to increase my pain threshold and bi slave skills - I've bought a new posture collar that I'm dying to wear!
Thank You Mistress, You are a true Goddess!   -slave antony
22nd March 2017

I spent 3hrs in a session with the wonderful mistress Lucinda. First i was cross dressed as a slut, the first time i had been fully crossed dressed, was an experience i will definitely want to repeat in the near future.
Next i had 200 needles put in my cock and balls area.
Anyone considering visiting Mistress Lucinda please do so you will not regret it! She is amazing, will be visiting again very soon.   -Terry
8th October 2016

Another stunning session of excruciating BDSM! One of Mistress Lucinda's many strengths is her intuitive pacing, the way she develops a session. When things got too intense and truly unbearable she gave me time to recover and was kind to me. And then she pushed me to another level...
Her new trample board was insanely painful! She had to firmly adjust my bondage to keep me immobile, though I was trying hard to be brave. My balls stood no chance!
I'd had to request no marks this time. Mistress Lucinda obliged but didn't let this hold her back! She knew just how to really hurt me without marking me.
So looking forward to next time!   -skweezme
15th September 2016

As a nervous novice I went to see Mistres Lucinda today and I had an awesome time. She is a great communicator, good fun and you can talk to her about anything, even football. Anyway as regards the session I asked her to do a strict aunt roleplay. There was loads of variety. There was ear pulling which I liked loads, got smacked legs and a smacked bottom via her hand and a bit of the slipper. I can assure you that her hand is far harder than any slipper. Various positions were lying down on the bed, across her knee and in some wrestling hold. She uses cool terminology and the way she can look at you makes you feel like you are in real trouble. I think she is great. I think you can trawl the mistress directories but why bother when I have already seen the best, well the best for me anyway. I have got to see her again. I really have.   -Antony
14th September 2016

Well, what can I say, wow, wow, wow. Mistress Lucinda excelled again in her treatment of me. We started with a heavy flogging, stopping at 330 direct hits, only because Mistress arm became tired. Change of hood from leather isolation to inflatable rubber and i was led to the Gynae bench. After receiving some breath play, an inflatable butt plug was inserted, then the needles started. 200 were inserted into my cock, balls and immediate surrounding area. Hopefully the photos will appear soon, so try and see my cock under all the needles. 8 hrs later and my cock looks like it's been put through a spiked mangle. Now there's a thought!!! What an excellent time today.   - Mike
22nd August 2016

OK This was amazing!!
To all men you must visit this Mistress, she will do things to you and take you places you have never dreamed about.
See you again soon.   - Jim
22nd July 2016

I recently had a wonderful session with Mistress Lucinda. It started with a chat over the phone, Mistress Lucinda was nice and friendly, listened to what I wanted and put me at ease about the whole thing. The session itself was role play with myself as the misbehaving schoolgirl and Mistress Lucinda as my teacher. During our time together I was put over her knee, spanked, caned, and humiliated then forced to wear a nappy. The session was excellent and Mistress Lucinda made a great teacher. She knew when to be sadistic and when to be caring, when to push and when to stop. By the end I was very sorry for what I'd done .
All in all I had a wonderful time and our time together was everything I dreamed it would be.   -Princess Mandy
24th June 2016

Terry, very impressive with the amount of needles. Don't know if that is a challenge, but if Mistress Lucinda is in agreement, then I accept. One proviso is to offer you the chance to see what weight your balls can take, with Mistress being the arbiter. Not sure if you have seen one of my attempts in the slaves' gallery.   -Mike
10th June 2016

I paid my first visit to Mistress Lucinda's fantastic chambers on Wednesday. It was an incredible experience starting with two enemas which was something I have never experienced before. Incredible is the only way to describe this. Then I spent time as an adult baby being restrained and force fed with a bottle of milk in the lovely cot and Mistress Lucinda read a couple of fairy tales whilst still in the cot. Then my sissy slut training and anal training took place with various devices being used during my session. I am not into SM and have a low pain threshold and Mistress Lucinda respected that. After eight hours my session finished. I would say everything about Mistress Lucinda is an incredible lady and I would recommend a visit to her to live out your fantasies. She can bring them all to life!   -sissypauline
19th May 2016

I had a fantastic session with a total of 170 needles put in various places in my body, i had 50 in my back, 20 in one nipple, and 100 in cock and balls area, together with caneing and paddling my arse, sadly it all ended too soon, cant wait till next time.   -Terry
9th May 2016

Another mind blowing session yesterday, but at times making session suggestions can lead to more pain than I thought possible. We started with me dressed accordingly, wearing the inflatable rubber isolation in hood with attached face mask. This was put to good use, and it would be true to say that parts of the session are missing from my mind, but wow, wow wow big time. I had mentioned very restrictive bondage including having a humbler fitted. Mistress as I should have anticipated went that bit further, tightly tying up my balls while in the humbler, then tying then to parts of me. The cord really cut in and my language was colourful to say the least or it would have been if I had not had a tongue clamp on.
Mistress Sophia joined us later on. What a lovely person, but watch for the twinkle of devilment. The ladies are so complementary to each other, and I really hope that I get the opportunity to meet with them both again. I will make sure that I am suitably prepared for that though. Don't think that I had enough to eat and after sometime, started feeling very unwell, so we had to stop a wee bit earlier than planned. Until the next time.   -Mike
7th May 2016

Excellent session, powerful dominatrix who totally overpowered me and made me tap out several times. Highly recommended, I will be back for more.   -Richard
26th April 2016

Recently i spent three fantastic hours in the company of mistress Lucinda, which included cross dressing, an enema, anal stetching, paddling, caneing, plus needles, of which i had fifty in my cock and balls region. What a fantastic experience, one i hope to repeat very soon.   -Terry
19th January 2016

Its now 24 hrs since my session with Mistress Lucinda, and I'm still smiling ! In advance I had written to Mistress with some thoughts and had also purchased an inflatable rubber isolation and anaesthesia hood - hopefully you will see the photos in the gallery section. Following the triple enema I was hooded etc outside the medical room to keep the scene that would await me a surprise, and it was. While in complete darkness and in a dream like state, many enjoyable, penetrative and painful things happened including staples in my nipples and cock - mmmm. After what seemed like hours, I was escorted to the dungeon for further treatment. After a short break to eat and drink, it was back to the dungeon and tied to the St Andrews cross for a rapid intense flogging where I had to count 150 strokes of the heavy flogger which at times rained down at the rate of 1/second. This was to 'tenderise' my back to allow for further back piercing and a multiple ribbon corset. Don't just read this and dream, make a booking and attend. I can assure you that once you have got over your initial nerves of meeting somebody new, you will get an experience only ever found in literature. I have lost count of how many times I have visited, but believe me, they just get better the more you understand each other. Till the next time.   -Mike
18th January 2016

Looking forward to seeing my Mistress and being deliciously tortured by her again, she is so amazing - so lovely and kind and intelligent but so sadistic!

I'm so amazed we've reached a point where she's actually bruising my balls and making me beg with no mercy until she's satisfied. She used to gag me. Now she likes to hear me beg and plead while she ramps up the pain. And she's so cruelly inventive with her many devices and toys and her incredible strength.   -skweezme
10th January 2016

I have to tell you all about my visit to see Mistress Lucinda and her new partner, Sophia. I had found Mistress Lucinda's website through careful browsing for someone who could offer the unique experience I was searching for. I am a 'little' TV sub who wanted a nanny to help me start smoking. Upon first approaching Mistress Lucinda via a polite, if somewhat tentative email, I very quickly knew that I had found a very special person.
'Nanny' questioned me further and encouraged openness and honesty in an effort to find the best way for me to get the most from my time with her. I explained that I wanted to be her little girl and was overjoyed when she enquired if I had ever thought about having a 'big sister' there to help me too. We quickly established that it would be a perfect accompaniment, but I could never have dreamed how delightful it would turn out to be!
When I arrived I was incredibly nervous, as any little girl would be, at meeting her big sister for the first time, but nothing could have prepared me for the sight of her! Words cannot describe how I felt when I saw Sophia there, waiting for me. She is, beautiful. But that's a word which falls woefully short of an accurate description of her perfection. She very quickly helped Nanny transform me into a cute little thing, ready and willing to do anything and everything both she and Nanny wanted me to do.
The time flew by as Nanny helped my big sister show me how to act and behave like a 'big girl', and I was so excited when Nanny asked us if we wanted to smoke like her! Both Sophia and I eagerly accepted our cigarettes and I was lost in a sensual daze as I watched my gorgeous big sister smoking so well. I was anxious to copy her and she was so supportive and helpful. I adored watching both Nanny and Sophia smoking, but could not believe it when my beautiful big sister suggested something extra special!
Sophia asked Nanny if her little sister could have her ears pierced, just like a big girl! I was stunned into abject adoration for her as Nanny smiled and said that she thought that would look beautiful. Nanny even asked her if she'd like to help?! Sophia got very excited and watched carefully as Nanny pierced my little ears for me. Then Nanny carefully guided my big sister as she then pierced me too. All 3 of us were so happy with how I looked with 2 sparkles in each ear, and Sophia squealed in delight when Nanny asked her if I should be triple pierced!
My time in their exquisite company simply evaporated as I found myself too soon at the end of the most wonderful evening. In too-short a time I felt I had developed an incredibly special bond with them both. Such is the skill they rightfully pride themselves on. They enabled me to feel immense joy at finding the most wonderful Nanny who wanted nothing more than to see me looking beautiful, smoking seductively  and with 3 pretty piercings in each ear. And such a deep desire and fondness for the most beautiful and sexiest big sister anyone could ever have or wish for.
How fortunate I was to experience both of these truly incredible women at the same time. I was right to listen to my Nanny, she really, really, did know what was best for me. For if it wasn't for her, I never would have met the incomparable Sophia.
So you should listen to her too, and meet Sophia if you are lucky enough for it to be an option. Disappointment is inconceivable!   -Danielle
3rd December 2015

Rather than disclaim my personal desires - I would rather use this opportunity to detail the uniqueness that Mistress Lucinda has! I contacted her by telephone and spoke very open to her as she gave a very welcoming manor from the beginning. She does not make judgements - she just listens and understands totally and if this is a service she can offer brilliant (which for me it was, in multiple ways).
My visit was arranged for the same day, giving her plenty of time to prepare the premises which was local for me, very discreet, easy to locate etc. It was in a nice area, a tidy location and premises through out.
Upon arrival and through to the finish is my business and hers but, the main thing is I got what I expected and it is as simple as that, in fact, I got more than expected as I was nervous and once in her warm, welcoming hands opened up further.
As well as my desires being fulfilled (for the first time in this way) I felt very close to the mistress in terms of wanting to be within her hands again - which at some point will be requested.
I could not imagine anything that she has not got in terms of equipment although she specifies what she will and will not be willing to do (this is only fair!).
I would rate her 100% and advise that you treat her with the respect she deserves! You get what you give, so ensure this.
Thank you Lucinda, and for your personal comments before I left which was just about life in general based on my current circumstances.
Thank you and it was well received.   -Adam
27th October 2015

It is now a few hours after an incredible 8 hour session with Mistress Lucinda and I continue to ease my bruised body. The starting point for the session was in the medical room where I was double hooded for sensory deprivation before being mummified to the gynaecological table. What followed was a very long period of nipple torture and CBT using about 16 lbs of weights on my balls, nettles,clamps and sounds - marvellous. After a short break it was into the dungeon, starting with 100 full strength beatings with a very heavy flogger, which was then followed by 25 intense strokes of the cane. Leaving no time to recover, Mistress started on the back corset, moved onto stocking piercings and finished doing some facial needles and a chest corset. About 140 needles were inserted, and hopefully the photos will added to the gallery soon. It was the most incredible but challenging session I have ever had, but always with care and trust. Mistress is just the best. Just need to get my perverted mind into gear for what we might get up to next time. I would recommend to anybody to visit Mistress Lucinda.   -Mike
14th October 2015

Yesterday I had my first session with Mistress Lucinda, wow is the only word I can use to describe the day. Mistress opened the door and an amazing vision, she is very imposing and immediately makes you feel submissive. I'd not visited a professional for a long, long time so to immediately be blown away like that was almost surreal. I was beckoned through the door and heavy collar and leash placed on me. What followed was pretty special for me, some things I asked for, I wished I hadn't and Mistress was superb throughout, adapting her style and play to suit my apparent needs. I will most definitely be back, thank you Mistress.   -Lily
25th September 2015

After arranging a time suitable to us both i turned up at Mistress's house. As the door opened what met me truly took my breath away. Before me stood this gorgeous towering goddess dressed in leather and red high heels! I was ushered in and given a quick tour of her heart was pounding with excitement and fear. After a quick chat i was taken into the bathroom and prepared for my ordeal. Once in the dungeon and on my knees before my mistress i soon became beholden to her as she smoked a cigar and kindly blew the smoke into my face.
Strapped to the cross my cock and balls tied tight mistress soon went to work on me...teasing me pushing me and making me want more. My bulging cock could not help but leak.....mistress made sure i cleaned it all off her fingers! Hooded yet again i was made to smell and taste her smoke from her cigar as she kindly blew more into my hood. From the cross i was strapped tight to the table with legs up high my arse was time to have my prostrate milked i lost count how many times i had an anal orgasm...mistress pushed my limits to the max! In between this i endured hot wax all over my cock and balls and very sensitive nipples. Mistress then decided i would be milked one time but this time i would be allowed to make myself come as well .....coming from my arse and cock at the same time is an experience i've only dreamt about!
Considering visiting a mistress?....then this is the one! From start to finish a wonderful journey which i will reliving very soon!
Thank you mistress x   -Jase
23rd September 2015

24 hrs ago my 8hr session sadly came to an end but luckily my nipples are still sore from clamps and needle piercing. I adore Mistress Lucinda and enjoy all the first time spent in her company either just talking over a cup of coffee, avoiding conversation while enemas are taking place or being silenced through sensory deprivation. The needle piercing reached a new level for me with a corset piercing and lacing down my back. It was awesome and the photos should support that. However Mistress has plans to build on this, so I have once more an interesting challenge for next time. After you have read this please be assured that Mistress Lucinda is more than worth visiting. She is warm, friendly and kind, however be careful what you ask for as it you will get it and it will be more than you thought you could take.
Mistress, all my love and servitude.   -Mike
29th August 2015

Had second session, awesome and at times took me to my limits. Mistress is very approachable and caring. Sorry about the injury ;)   -Sub jb
20th August 2015

Ordered a custom video from mistress Lucinda last Friday on the theme of height humiliation. Was very happy with the video and its content, reasonable price and the dvd arrived 3 working days later. Would highly recommend and will definitely be booking a session soon :)  -Barry
14th August 2015

First time visit to any mistress and OH MY GOD amazing.
I was unsure what type of level of dom I needed, mistress gave me a few options and we went for it. Half way through the season I realised I had chosen wrong. Mistress completely changed her approach and the end result was amazing.
I will be visiting again.  -David
12th August 2015

Following a build up of over three months I have finally had a session with Mistress Lucinda. My reason for holding back so long was, last year I endured a bdsm session from hell, not going to elaborate on the detail but it knocked all the confidence out of me. As the mileage was reducing on the sat nav I could feel the nervousness coming on strong. I was greeted by a towering sight of beauty, within two minutes I felt so comfortable in her company, knowing I had made the right choice as I was in very safe, friendly hands. The session itself was by far the most intense I've endured, just what I needed, two days later and the battle scars are still visible. In a nut shell Mistress Lucinda is a true professional, witty and intelligent with a sadistic side that has me almost addicted. If anyone out there isn't sure to pick up the phone or not, do it you will not go wrong. After nearly 12 years playing as a submissive I've never enjoyed a session so much. Until next time Mistress, take care.
Your welsh admirer  -Thomas
23rd July 2015

What can I say? The most painful session ever! My balls are still bruised from your cane. Intensely agonizing at the time and time seemed to go on forever while I screamed and begged and begged.
Thank you Mistress!   -skweezme
15th July 2015

Another 8hr session with Mistress Lucinda. She is even more gorgeous from the last time! I had asked to try a bicarbonate of soda enema and arrived with 2 tubs each with 150g of bicarb in. Wow, it was impressive. We moved onto sensory deprivation and some serious cock sounding, ending up with Mistress' little finger down my cock. I foolishly brought a carrier bag of nettles, every one was used on my cock, balls and chest. Still in some pain 10hrs later.   -mike
13th July 2015

The last 8 hrs have flown by and I sit here nursing my nettle stung cock balls and chest, my severely stretched arse and needle wounds. But I loved it, every minute every touch, every word. Mistress had some serious talents and an imagination to match. I love her and would happily move closer to see more of her. Its a 650 mile round trip for me, but worth it.   -mike
29th May 2015

First time seeing mistress today, all i can say is wow, one of the most intense sessions i have ever had, my nipples are still sore, thank you!   -jb
24th April 2015

This afternoon spent 3hrs under the sensational spell of Mistress Lucinda. Started with spanking, caning, flogging, ball stretching, nipple torture (various), electro play, candle wax, then what for me was the most enjoyable experience: needles in cock and balls plus long needles in nipple. 3 hrs went all too quickly, can't wait till next time. I trust her completely.   -terry
1st April 2015

Had needles in genitals & candle wax for 1st time. What a fantastic experience, 1 hour went all too quickly, will maybe have 3 hours next time. Also had electro play & nipple torture, best hour spent ever.   -terry
28th Feb 2015

Spanking, caning, flogging, whipping, electro play, what a fantastic hour can't wait till next time.   -terry
9th Feb 2015

I have just left Mistress Lucinda's premises after a very serious and intense 8 hour session, the last 3 hours of which included a double domme session with Mistress Tora joining us. I have no idea how to start this, but suffice to say that you will not be better dealt with in a very friendly and welcoming environment with 2 ladies that know the meaning of intense! Having visited Mistress Lucinda many times in the past, she knows my weaknesses so in advance of this meet I sent some 'thoughts' to Mistress for Her consideration. We spent considerable time on the first thought that involved extensive sensory deprivation which was excellent. Once Mistress Tora arrived we moved onto my second thought that used surgical needles and staples. I can assure you that I ended up with 40 needles in my cock and 20 staples and rings and also my nipples cross pierced then stretched with cord. Look at the photos and start counting. It will take a long time to climb down from that session and all I can say is thank you to both Mistresses.   -mike
17th Nov 2014

Mistress Lucinda kindly agreed that part of my 6 hour session could be a double Domme with Mistress Tora. Mistress Tora has only recently joined forces with Mistress Lucinda, but they are so complementary to each other. I was dressed in advance of Mistress Tora's arrival in corset, stockings and 8" heels with a posture collar with lead around my neck. I sat serving Them, lighting their pipes and cigars and using the adaptable gag as a place for their nibbles. The experience that followed in the dungeon was well worth the 6hr drive. Suffice to say at one point I had about 20 lbs of weights hanging from my balls and there will be photos to prove that. Secured to the cage bench I was kept on an endorphin high as both Mistress kept up a relentless piercing and stapling of my nipples and cock, I eventually passed out. What an excellent session, and did I enjoy it? Yes, to fucking right I did.   -mike
6th Nov 2014

Such a fantastic experience nipple torture with needles staples and urethral sounding pushed me to the limit pain one i will definitely want to repeat in the future...   -terry
30th Sep 2014

Mistress agreed to see me last week for a 10hr session, and it was the best 10 hrs of my life. Sensory deprivation, nipple torture, cock torture, extreme ball and body weights (look out for the clip), gas mask etc, VAC bed and cock whipping (my cock head is still blistered). I can't thank you enough Mistress and so look forward to serving you again and soon.   -Slave mike
24th Sep 2014

It had been quite some time since I had visited a Mistress (over 5 years in fact) But as Mistress Lucinda said I must have an itch that needed scratching.
Goodness me, how it got scratched!
To say I was nervous would be an understatement, especially when Mistress opened the door. I'm around 6'2" myself, and to be greeted by such a latex clad vision, almost made my legs go weak. They were, of course going to get a lot weaker during the next hour and a half.
After an initial chat about my interests, I was invited to get undressed.
Quickly secured to Mistress's cross, with Her face inches from mine, watching my reaction, as She scratched, pulled and squeezed, I was under no illusions that She knows exactly what She is going to do, and just how much I was going to suffer at Her hands.
And, suffer I did! Electrics, vacuum pump, vibrating sounds, Thai sticks, more electrics, and Her expert touch bringing me to the edge time and again... Absolute Heaven (and hell at the same time!) I have no doubt that given a longer session, She will totally enjoy violating my virgin (well, not quite totally virgin, now... (blush)) arse.
All in all, 90 minutes of pleasure, pain, pleasurable pain, and unrelenting, but hugely enjoyable 'abuse' at Mistress's expert hands.
I could hardly walk for 20 minutes afterwards! My nipples still hurt the next day, such a lovely reminder of my first visit to Mistress.
Would I visit again? Absolutely!   -dc
21st Sep 2014

Dear Matron,
May I thank you again for your understanding and courtesy. The caning looked more severe than it felt at the time. Pain, certainly, but it was meant to! But I could have demonstrated a little more bravery if it had been asked. I think that a caning should do just that. Stretch emotions, stretch control, receive serious pain, but just to the level where determination to withstand can be demonstrated but leave with dignity, but only just!
So why do I come to Matron, and will again in the future, to demonstrate my self control? Perhaps? But I also think that it is to have complete trust and do as I am told.
Next time, as my blue stripes fade but still visible, now just blue blotches (four days after Matron’s caning)........ no mention of a “safe word” or other such nonsense, the caning is determined by Matron, the person caning, not the person receiving. I remain, your obedient boy,   -Charles
5th Aug 2014

Thank you for another amazing session today, Mistress. You always come up with something different, when more of the same would be more than enough! Deliciously cruel and creative as always. Looking forward with trepidation to next time!   -skweezme
28th May 2014

Had my first session in 18 months with Mistress Lucinda today. Looking amazing in her new latex catsuit. Felt like I'd never been away! She remembers everything we've learnt in the past 5 years and introduced me to some of the new toys I'd read about on Her website. The perspex ball-crusher was really painful and used to devastating effect, including using it to trample on my already-crushed balls. The industrial-strength vacuum pump was incredible. But still, as ever, the worst and best was when Mistress Lucinda had me immobilized on her torture bench and was slapping my balls. I was screaming. But She knew I'd love remembering it and I am! And my ribs are still hurting from when she lifted me in the air with a bear-hug. She's so strong! But what was most amazing was that it felt like I'd never been away and She continued where we'd left off, with Mistress leading me further along this amazing journey.   -skweezme
12th May 2014

It had been a while since I had last visited Mistress Lucinda but I was greeted as if I had been a regular visitor. Mistress opened the door and as soon as I entered I saw the magnificent sight of Her dressed in a tight fitting latex catsuit ... amazing. After a short but unrushed chat to put me at ease I was sent to prepare myself for Mistress. Upon my return to the treatment room I was placed into a tight fitting sleep sack, which was zipped up, laced up, and then roped down to the treatment table - no movement was possible now - and I was then blindfolded and ear defenders fitted. In all honesty the sequence of events was blurred although I do remember a noise in the background of a small electric motor, followed by sections of the zip being opened and what I later learnt was a violet wand being applied to my more sensitive regions. A vacuum pump was also applied .... this was very powerful and I could feel it pulling itself tightly against my groin - the strange thing being that I had no idea at any time as to how my cock was reacting to any of the treatment to which I was being subjected. I felt my nipples being clamped in some way, and then a large clamp of some sort being applied to my cock and balls -followed by some energetic hand movements being applied. My head was then raised and a mask placed over my nose and mouth ... the smell of the close fitting rubber was effective in itself, but I found myself drifting while Mistress was working on me in various ways. The mask was removed from time to time but the blindfold remained - and I lost all sensation of time - was the session coming to an end - I had no idea. And then the mask was removed completely and I was given time to recover - was this the end? But then Mistress raised my head, removed the blindfold and fitted a latex gas mask - this felt wonderful in itself but then I was aware of a Mistress attending to the tubes which were attached to the gasmask - telling me to breath deeply and slowly - my eyes focused on the light on the ceiling and I felt completely relaxed ........ drifting away ....the next I knew was when I opened my eyes to see the shadowy image of Mistress slowly drifting into my view- I had no idea of what had happened to me but both I and Mistress knew that I had enjoyed this - - the gas mask had been removed without my knowing. This process was repeated numerous times, each better than the last and all I know now is that during that time I had been operated upon in an expert manner - my cock had been heavily constrained while Mistress brought it to a state of arousal with it straining within its constraints, Thai sticks had been applied to my nipples to allow staples to be inserted and only Mistress knows what other delights she had imposed on me. All too soon it was time to be released and slowly brought back to earth ...... Mistress did not rush this and throughout I felt that I was in expert hands and that I was able to place my trust in Mistress - after all my years of submission I had been taken to new places.   -John
12th May 2014

It is now 24 hrs since I had my session with Mistress Lucinda. I book for 6 hrs at a time and I do not regret one minute of it. If you have not visited Mistress Lucinda then you must and add her name to the 50 things you want to do list. If not you will pass from this place as a virgin to her beauty, charm, skills, understanding, power, presence, wicked streak, but above all her very caring and thoughtful nature. Be warned though if you ask for something it will happen but at a much higher level than you thought about. My nipples are covered in blisters from the hot wax, my legs have cane stripes on them, my cock has a blood blister from extreme vacuum pumping and my balls are still swollen from being vacuumed at full strength. But I'm not complaining, I'm happy. We spent some time sorting out a gas mask to allow for 2 desperate feeds and 'additives' Fuck me, wasted, floating, on a different planet, in and out of consciousness while crown of thorns, inflatable butt plug, ball splitter, nipple clips and pullers were used just puts you in an entirely different place and time - an incredible mix of intense pain, dulled pain and euphoria while being closely supervised and clamps tightened further. Add to this a violet wand and body massager, then your toes will curl with delight. Mistress currently had on loan a vacuum device that has serious industrial grade suction. On full power and on my balls, I have never had a bigger or harder cock. As always, I left very happy and feeling fulfilled. 6 hrs is a long time for some serious intense play, but Mistress wants to push further. I have to accept. Finally, I can assure you that Mistress Lucinda is a very genuine and caring person who will listen to you and remains attentive throughout the session. Don't piss her about though!   -Mike
1st May 2014

Today I had the honour of meeting Mistress Lucinda. Wow what a beautiful woman and she really knows her stuff. She was so helpful, friendly and explained everything I wanted to know. Many thanks for an eye opening lesson in cbt. You have given me lots of ideas. I will be seeing u again for guidance. I hope all your slaves appreciate what a wonderful mistress you are. :)  -Mistress Tracey
4th April 2014

Where to begin to describe what must be at least my 12th visit to Mistress Lucinda, she is just so addictive. I am with Mistress for 6 hrs usually and communicate with her by letter in advance where I can offer some session ideas in the hope that part of them will be considered. My last session on April 1st must be recorded for posterity. Mistress is so very very friendly open honest and I trust her 100%. We sat talking, smoking and drinking coffee like 2 long lost friends until the mood changed. I was given a treble enema to start with and a tampon inserted 'just in case'. Stockings suspenders, 8" heels and corset followed before being suspended spreadeagled. Breath play started and before I knew it I had passed out and was then released and sent to remove the tampon. The corset was then really tightened and I was back in suspension with my balls attacked to a winch. A full gas mask was placed on me and special additives were included that sent me to a different place. I can remember my balls and cock being rubbed by a spiked gloved hand and then passing out when different additives were applied. This carried on for most of the session building up in intensity and I lost track of how many times I passed out. I do recall at one time having a ball crusher attached and vacuum pump on my cock while Thai sticks were on my nipples and other clamps attached to the Thai sticks to really pull on my nipples, then the gas mask was fitted and I floated away yet again. I really really respect Lucinda for who she is, her kindness and care and if she ever wanted someone full time to be a permanent slave, then I would volunteer to be marked, pierced, have all my hair removed if it pleased her. I am devoted to her.   -mike
18th March 2014

Double trouble! Yesterday was my first ever Double-Domme session with Mistress Lucinda and Mistress Nayla and what a session it turned out to be. Loosely based round a medical exam having four hands using and abusing me at the same time had me in ecstasy. So versatile and tactile that at times I thought there must have been others in the room!
The session started off with me being ordered to strip naked and put on a very short gown that I'd brought with me. Some preliminary examinations necessitated a more in-depth investigation requiring me to be bound naked and vulnerable to the exam table. Electrics on my cock and balls, some exquisitely vicious nipple clamps and some rebreathing soon got my attention.
Heavenly bliss! I can't wait until I can see them both again.   -slave roger
3 February 2014

Well i can defo say i have met one of the kindest Mistress i have ever been to see took things very slowly till i found my feet even tho i let myself down the first visit and passed out on Mistress to which still to this day i'm really sorry for but Mistress still let me come back and try again, to which i have really enjoyed even tho i've gone blue in the face a few times. i look forward to being pushed a lot more and to find out just how much pain i can take to please MISTRESS i really look forward to it.
many thanks your little sub  -robert
16 January 2014

I met Lucinda with butterflies in my stomach, and slightly anxious, this was immediately dispelled as Lucinda showed me around while chatting to me and going through my kinks with me. She was very charming and reassuring. The dungeon is in a very private setting, well kept and thoroughly clean.
As we proceeded with the session Lucinda was continuously testing my limits, with cbt, urethral sounds, electrics and a whole range of other pieces of equipment. The whole experience was very professional, I will definitely be going back for another visit.
Thank you Lucinda you're ace!  -chris
18 October 2013

Just a week ago Mistress Lucinda gave me the spanking I have craved for all my life! Her lovely long legs meant there was plenty to climb over and once there, there was no escape - and can she spank. Just bliss. Mistress Lucinda put me at ease from the word go and was able to create a climate, a feeling of mutual respect, she was charming and friendly but business like. She made it clear from the outset that I would be spanked hard and that she would test my limits and she did. She is a real professional in every respect. She is very likeable and down to earth. However, Mistress Lucinda will look you straight in the eye, and you know she means business. No one has ever spanked my bottom so soundly - she's amazing!   -Richard
17 June 2013

I arrived for my first session, with a heady mix of excitement fear and trepidation and was greated at the door by a towering figure standing over me, I felt tiny. Mistress invited me in and before the session started we sat down, Mistress on her throne, me on a footstool, and discussed my expectations and experience, of which I had none, she then explained a little on how she works her session. All the while during the talk you could see her working out my limits, a skill she has picked up from her years of experience, to the point that with every station she bound me to. She met the limits with extreme precision, only venturing over them once or twice, and was happy to fall back to what was enjoyable, all the while delivering pain, and excitement with every flick of the wrist, her flogging was hard, with short breaks, making the flogging all the more effective, with the anticipation the breaks brought about. My first session in BDSM and it certainly wont be my last.   -Richard
8 May 2013

I have just come back from my first ever session with the wonderful Mistress Lucinda. I wanted to feel overpowered, used & abused & totally humiliated. She did this & much more, taking me to places i'd never been before. Her presence is immense, standing over 6ft looking down on me i immediately felt inferior as she tied & teased my leaking cock, wiping the pre cum all over my face. I was then made to worship her stocking clad feet as she continued to tease me. Pinned in a leg hold, nearly put to sleep in a head lock, her strength is amazing. Shackled on the floor at her mercy she then milks my prostate which is a first for me, how humiliating!!!!...... I explode!!! I'm hers!! Totally!!! Cant wait to go back!!! Thanks Mistress, your new cheeky slave   -Matt
15 February 2013

Firstly apologies to Mistress for not writing a prompt review as its been a couple of weeks since my fabulous medical session.
Mistress never ceases to amaze me even ringing me (after checking it was ok) to run through some possibilities for our session the next day. No other Mistress has ever been that professional and diligent before to me!
I was met at the door by the statuesque beautiful figure of Mistress in her blue rubber nurses uniform as I had requested.....words fail me in describing how wonderful she looked. As always she had that glint in her eye which said...'your mine now and let the fun begin'!!
After getting undressed and freshening up the Rubber Nurse led me to the medical room where I was collared and cuffed and placed in an authentic surgical gown. I was then strapped down to the medical bench, legs apart and shackles on. My head was placed firmly between rubber/foam head restraints.....I could not move a muscle!!
My mind and body went from pleasure to pain and back again so many times. The nurse would lean right over me, I could smell the rubber and was helpless. All I could do is gaze into those mesmerising eyes of hers. Only to find Nurse was getting more ferocious with the electrics on my cock and balls. The timing of all this was incredible and it was like riding a rollercoaster.
Finally it was time for the vacuum pump.....nurse placed it over my cock and sucked and sucked until I thought my cock would explode....OMG it was sooooo good but I had to beg for mercy in the end.
Eventually the rubber nurse put me out my misery and i drifted off one last time before she allowed me to give her a sample. Once again I would like to thank Mistress/my Rubber Nurse for the most amazing session. Each time I visit we get to know each other better and better and she pushes me further and further. I do have some medical conditions and these are always respected and I feel completely safe in her capable rubber gloved hands!!
Thanks Mistress x   -JohnnyW
25 January 2013

I have been seeing Mistresses mainly in London for over 15 years but managed to arrange an appt with Mistress Lucinda as was in the area. Mistress Lucinda is very imposing in size but friendly in nature when you meet. A brief show round of all the rooms in the premises (great collection of equipment) then off we went. My session included enemas, hair removal, masks, cigar ashtray, needle work and anal play. I haven't included everything so not to spoil surprises! A great session which we were both into. I would recommend and will be visiting again but be careful what you wish for as wishes do come true.   -Sean
17 November 2012

I loved your cruel streak yesterday Mistress! And maybe a shorter session has a different thing going on as well. But it was amazing how you put it together, put me through so much in an hour in such a variety of ways. You're such an artist! I was overwhelmed. Thank you.   -skweezme
5 November 2012

It was my first visit to mistress i was a little nervous no need to have been. From meeting at the door to saying goodbye mistress was fantastic very easy to get on with. She asked me my likes and what i'd like to happen, we discussed the ideas then mistress took over. After i was stripped the next 2hrs just flew, without giving too much away, i had several tastes of BDSM, confinement, hoods, electrics, tying and my fav medical play. Can't wait for next visit dont be shy about going you'll love it, i did.   -Adrian
20 October 2012

Wow what can i say. Mistress let me visit her today my 1st time :), i was very nervous as been a long time since my last time seeing a Mistress (8 months), so i got the rubber nurse and medical play today love every bit of it thank you so much Mistress look forward to the next time i will defo be in touch to try out some other things :) , i also have the honour of Mistress leaving her mark on me :)
Thank you. Yours   -robert (west mids)
4 October 2012

Well last night I had the absolute honour and pleasure to have my first session with the stunning Mistress.
I had emailed my likes and limits to Mistress the day before and had asked for a rubber medical session. After driving the short journey from Birmingham I arrived feeling a little nervous but I needn't have worried.
She opened the door and then it hits you ....she is stunning and OMG sooooo tall !! She stood waiting for me in a stunning blue rubber nurse's dress and high heels, a sight to behold. After exchanging pleasantries I was led to the dungeon to undress and then entered the medical room.
The rubber nurse then took over, exerting her size and stature to mesmerise and control me. I dressed in the rubber provided and then was secured to the medical bench, totally helpless and not able to move. Mistress then proceeded to tease, prod, stimulate and experiment on me....most of this done subtly and incredibly sexily !!
I won't go into all the details but suffice to say this is one truly amazingly beautiful professional mistress who obviously plans and executes role play to a very realistic level.
Thank you for the honour of seeing you Mistress. I will be back very soon.   -Johnny
30 September 2012

I visited Ms Lucinda. What a woman! Let me just say this is an experience i will never forget. She might not remember me but i will certainly remember her. She makes no doubt of the place you are in. One of the very best experiences of my life.   -barker
6 September 2012

What a Lady, she is great! Mistress Lucinda is a Supreme Dominatrix. Very very Strong but also a charming and Lovely Lady. I just recently had a session with her. My interests are wrestling holds, of which she is expert! I asked her to do chokeholds on me, all I can say is she is Brilliant! She actually put me to sleep with her awesome sleeper holds. Tremendous, especially if you are in to this kind of Domination. What a Lady! She was also kind enough to allow me a few photos with her. She is Special and I will certainly visit her again soon!.   -steve_Wales
19 June 2012

Hello i just sessioned with Mistress Lucinda today she was charming strict and stunning mistress. Started with teasing spiked glove play parachute, then onto cropping, will be back for more, your slave   -steve
6 May 2012

Been back recently for my latest session, now running into double figures. Mistress Lucinda is awesome and makes your time with her worth every penny. She is very professional and limits are respected, but the thrill and excitement still feels very real. Am looking forward to my next session VERY much.   :-) -Ed
5 February 2012

I had a fantastic session with Mistress Lucinda, she is so very strong and beautiful. A tremendous Dominatrix, Wrestler and a great person.   -Steve
20 November 2011

Had my umpteenth session with Mistress. Amazing as always! She took care to make sure I'd eaten and my blood sugar was up so that I'd have the stamina to take what She was looking forward to dishing out. And dish it out She did! Enjoyed reminding me of Her incredible strength with scissors and seriously manually mangled balls. I ended up strapped to Her torture table while She used the genital winch and electrics mercilessly and wickedly. Afterwards, Mistress gave me plenty of time and tender care to recover. And it did take me some time to return to planet Earth! Thank you Mistress for yet another awesome session and for looking after me :)   -skweezme
16 November 2011

Just had my first session with Mistress Lucinda and it was amazing! I've seen a few different mistresses over the last 8 years and this was by far the best first session I've ever had. Unlike some I've seen, Mistress was interested in hearing about my experience and making sure that the session was enjoyable and suited us both. Mistress discussed my experience and desires prior to the session and this was taken into account, but the session certainly pushed me and introduced me to a few new things that I've never experienced before! After, we discussed how the session went and how it had been for both of us. A few more ideas popped up and I can't wait until our next session!   -Anon
11 November 2011

I had the pleasure of meeting Mistress Lucinda in Dublin - I do hope she comes back. She is everything a man could Dream of. Tall, sensuous with a body that just has to be seen to be believed. It was my first time with a Mistress and I was very nervous, but she put me right at ease. Then showed me who was boss. I could go on but if you only ever see one Mistress, then Lucinda is THE one to see.   -Damien
8 November 2011

I was a bit worried when booking a wrestling session with Lucinda due to the fact she is a dominatrix. I need not have worried. What she lacks in technique she makes up for in sheer strength. I found her headlocks and scissor holds impossible to escape from. She bent my body in ways I had no idea it was still capable of. She is also much prettier than her photos would have you believe. Very enjoyable. I will visit again.   -eddy
26 August 2011

Being new i was very nervous but mistress Lucinda knew how to relax me yet excite me. She was understanding yet firm, a wicked lady i can't wait to meet again.   -Geoff
9 August 2011

The best!! I am a novice sub thus was a bit nervous about seeing a mistress but she put me at ease straight away with her bubbly personality. Saying that she is very strict when in dom mode. I loved being her little doggy and i WILL be visiting again very soon.   -Stefan
5 June 2011

Wow.....what can I say! What a stunningly attractive Lady who will tower above you. She is so incredibly perceptive and knows how to get inside your head with ease. Combining both physical and psychological aspects She will have you begging for more and I long to spend so much more time with her. Thank you Mistress Lucinda, you are the best!!!!   -Paul
26 May 2011

Perfect. Just perfect! Everything I could have wished for and more. Mistress Lucinda will go out of her way to make sure you have a session you won't forget. She even introduced me to new ways of gaining pleasure! I will most certainly be visiting again...   -Sam
10 May 2011

Aunty Lucinda is very strict but also very nice to talk to just had a discipline session with her and being honest my bottom is still marked and bruised from her paddles and cane and her hand spankings are so hard and once across her knee you definitely can't move as she holds you in position until she finishes she is a credit to all strict aunts, loves you aunty.   -gary
3 May 2011

I have met Mistress a few times now and she is THE most powerful Mistress in the uk. She is a stunning looking woman with a wicked sense of humour and a wicked laugh. When she wraps her never ending legs of steel round you i defy any man to escape. She squeezes the life from you and seems to grow stronger as i weakened, she made me tap out at will and i'm a big lad. She has a fabulous dungeon with world class facilities for those brave enough to surrender to her. She LOVES Dominating, overpowering and hurting her lucky slaves -she is the epitome of Domination -it can't get any better than a visit to Mistress.   -jackie
28 April 2011

I had my first ever session with Mistress Lucinda on St George's day (Sat, April 23rd). I am into anal and she didn't disappoint, giving me an excellent serious of enemas before stretching my arsehole. She also introduced me to sounds, which is something I had never experienced before. She is a wonderful dominant lady, and so, so tall. Really quite stunning. Such I pity I don't live nearer, but I will return.   -Sub R
25 April 2011

I have just returned home from my first ever session with Mistress Lucinda. Quite why it has taken me so long to visit her I have no idea. But I am immensely pleased to have now found her. Her chambers are spotless and very well equipped, containing all the tools and toys to keep a good sub happy. But of course the real pleasure is Mistress Lucinda herself. She is a natural Dominant who immediately put me under her control. Her real talent was her ability to push my limits to the very edge, yet still she still left me wanting more. She effortlessly bought out the true sub in me. Plus being such a strong, powerful Lady I was totally under her spell and in awe of her throughout. It may have taken me a while to find her, but I shall be returning again and again and again. Thank you Mistress...   -Sub B
17 April 2011

Mistress Lucinda can be very kind and can be very cruel. Be careful what you wish her to be with you!
We've been sessioning for two years and I'm still scared and excited about next time!   -skweezme